NSR: Nuclear scientists and engineers is innovation potential of our country  

The Russian public organization “Nuclear Society of Russia” (NSR) is a creative independent self-governed public organization which on a voluntary basis consolidates the scientists, production, operation and management experts, professors and students from Russia who work in the area of or study the use of nuclear energy, nuclear research and allied science, their popularization as well as interested public organizations. The main objectives of the Society are the following: develop the creative activity of its members, satisfy their scientific, professional and information interests, effective use of intellectual and production co-operation. As its goal the NSR states the facilitation of international contacts and co-operation, interaction between experts and the general public to solve in a comprehensive way the issues of safe nuclear industry development, nuclear weapon non-proliferation as well as to build objective public opinion, restore the trust for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

National Nuclear Society was set up in 1989, after the Chernobyl accident to overcome the radiophobia among the public and the crisis of trust towards the nuclear energy. The constituent conference of the Nuclear Society of the USSR took place in Moscow on April 17, 1989. And on October 17, 1995 the Russian Nuclear Society was established as a successor of the NS of the USSR. Currently the NSR consolidates more than 2000 individual members from 200 organizations of different agencies.

Mr. Yevgeny P. Velikhov, Director of the Kurchtov Nuclear Energy Institute, was the first president of the Nuclear Society of the USSR during the period of 1989 – 1990. According to the established tradition the NSR presidents are elected now for 2 years representing in turn the nuclear science, industry and energy. Mr. Yaroslav I. Schtrombach (NRC “Kurchatov Institute”) is currently the head of the Nuclear Society of Russia. At different time leading scientists and engineers, directors of the production facilities and NNPs, managers, professors and young activists of nuclear industry took the position of the NS president, vice-presidents and members of the General Committee of the NS Central Board.

Hundreds of events (conferences, workshops, international meetings, exhibitions) have been conducted for the past 26 years with the support of the interested facilities and organizations, ministries and agencies, non-government organizations which were attended by thousands of researchers and experts, professors and students, teachers and pupils, representatives of general public including federal and local authorities as well as mass media. The Nuclear Society consistently makes a contribution into activity aiming to reinforce the international co-operation and to support the activities of young people in nuclear area. Main events of the NSR include the annual scientific-technical conferences on urgent issues in the area of nuclear energy use. Most important decisions regarding the NSR operation during the period between the conferences are taken at the meetings of the Central Board, Round Table discussions. These meetings are conducted in Moscow as well as at our nuclear facilities in the regions.

The NSR declared the manpower development and young generation policy striking to attract, train and secure personnel in the nuclear industry to be its strategic objectives.

International co-operation in the area of peaceful use of nuclear energy in the format of the NSR non-government contacts is considered to be a significant element in the operation of the professional nuclear society promoting the nuclear energy both in Russia and abroad. Contacts between the NSR and WANO professionals under the aegis of NS can be considered as an outstanding example of such cooperation. The Nuclear Society of Russia and WANO renewed their cooperation agreement:

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